Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a gate into the city of Berlin on the road from Brandenburg an der Havel. In its current form, the Brandenburg Gate was completed in 1791, ironically as a symbol of peace, by Frederick William II.

It consists of five archways and formed a monumental entrance to Unter den Linden, the famous boulevard of linden trees that led to the Royal palace of the Prussian monarchs.

The gate is topped with a statue of the goddess of peace, Eirene, driving a chariot with four horses known as a quadriga.

The Brandenburg Gate has always had a prominent position in the politics of Germany. In 1806, following the Prussian defeat by the French army, Napoleon used the gate for a triumphal procession and subsequently shipped the Quadriga to Paris.

Following the defeat of Napoleon in 1814 and the Prussian occupation of Paris, the Quadriga was returned to Berlin.

During the ascendency of the Nazi party, the gate was used a party symbol. Having been badly damaged during World War II, the gate was repaired in a joint effort by the governments of East and West Berlin.

On 13th August 1961, the Berlin Wall was erected overnight. The gate was located within the Soviet sector of Berlin and the wall looped around in front of the gate completely preventing access from the west.

When the Berlin wall fell on 9 November 1989, the gate became a symbol of peace and the reunification of Berlin. Later that year the crossing point was formally reopened.

The gate has since been completely refurbished and is now the centrepiece of a pedestrianised area. A spectacular and moving sight at any time of the day or night.

Brandenburg Gate
Pariser Platz
10117 Berlin
30 minutes
Opening hours
Open every day
00:00 - 23:59
Free entry
Wheelchair access all areas
Assistance dogs permitted
Carer admitted free of charge
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Last update - 27 June 2016
Costs checked - May 2016
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