New York

Staten Island Ferry

The Manhattan skyline is recognised all over the world.

It is one of the ironies of real estate that the cheaper properties in New Jersey which overlook that famous vista have a better view than the massively more expensive properties in Manhattan itself.

When staying in New York, you can get a great view of the wonderful high rise silhouette from a river cruise on the Hudson or the East River. But nothing really beats the view from the back of the Staten Island Ferry as it heads away from downtown New York.

While you don't get that close to the Statue of Liberty, you do get a great view of everything that's going on in the Upper Bay area.

And the Staten Island Ferry is free.

Official website
4 Whitehall Street,
New York NY 10004
Official website
Free WiFi available
1 hour
Free entry
Wheelchair access all areas
Assistance dogs permitted
Carer admitted free of charge
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Last update - 26 August 2016
Costs checked - August 2016
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